It’s kind of strange to post extremely personal stories online for strangers to read.

While Nele’s done most of the writing for this blog, it’s been me (Jo) that’s been posting on social media. I have to admit that I completely failed at Twitter – it felt a bit too much like shouting into the void. But I have gotten completely addicted to Instagram.

The difference is the amount of positivity and love that people seem to freely share on Instagram. Posting that first picture and seeing the support from total strangers was amazing. By using tags I was able to find people going through similar situations to us. We’ve seen heartbreak and success stories and been amazed at the warmth and compassion of the Instagram community.

It’s been two and a half months since we started our Instagram account and I feel pretty damned lucky that so many people have chosen to follow along on our adventure. I’m an introvert by nature but one thing that Instagram has taught me is that reaching out to people can be a good thing. We’ve been able to share our experiences with others, get answers to burning questions and now collaborate with an amazing small business that is really deserving of support.

To celebrate crossing 1K followers we teamed up with the awesome ladies of The Happiness Troupe. Karen and Nienke are based in the Netherlands, and they make LGBTQ art with a twist. We loved their designs as soon as we saw them, and we’re so excited that we’re getting the chance to work with them!


This giveaway includes six limited edition ‘MY MOMS ROCK!’ prints (three winners to be drawn by us and three winners to be chosen by The Happiness Troupe), and there’s also the cutest one-off ‘MY MOMS ROCK!’ bodysuit up for grabs.



How to enter:

To take part in this exclusive giveaway all you need to do is:

1) follow @meemamas on Instagram and @thehappinesstroupe on Instagram

2) like our competition post on Instagram

For an extra entry, subscribe to our blog in the sidebar if you haven’t already!  —–>

The competition runs from today until Friday the 21st of September, and winners will be announced on Monday the 24th of September. This competition is open to everyone, they ship internationally.


Meemamas! <3



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