In Belgium only a few scans are considered medically necessary during pregnancy. If you want any more peeks at your baby or if you would ever like to see anything in 3D, you have to arrange it outside of a hospital and pay for it yourself. We weren’t sure whether it was worth it to do that. Jo feels 3D scans are sort of creepy-looking, but I was a sucker for the idea of getting to see at least something of baby Sunshine’s face, so we gave in and booked one *g*

On a sunny day at 27+ weeks pregnant I make sure to drink a lot of water (more amniotic fluid means a better look at the baby) and we walk off to this private scan place, hopeful that we’ll get to see lots of baby Sunshine.

We arrive in a dodgy little office. It looks nothing like the fancy website had promised, they appear to be in the middle of a move, with boxes spread everywhere. To be honest I was about to admit to Jo that it was all a terrible mistake and run away!

But there really is a sonogram machine there, and the tech seems at least somewhat competent, so I lay down on the chair and awkwardly hope he knows what he is doing.

The baby appears on the screen straight away at least. It’s not hard to find her now!

Ever since week eighteen she has been head down in the perfect ‘being born’ position, and that is where she is still now. I think she has found her spot and will happily wait there until it’s time, which would be really nice, especially as we want her to be born at home.

In 3D it’s a whole new experience to see her though! The first thing I can make out is her nose. I think she has my nose (aw…) Along with nice round cheeks, and the cutest lips. We don’t get to see her eyes very much, so we just have to assume that she in fact has some. Even this much is odd though, like looking at a picture of someone you don’t know yet, only said someone is currently residing inside of me!

Her heartbeat is a lovely strong rhythm, and her weight is estimated at 1071grams, exactly on schedule for that day. As it was a minor concern that she wouldn’t gain weight well because of the umbilical cord attachment, that’s really lovely to know that so far she’s exactly on track.

Halfway through the scan she wakes up, probably because of all of the poking and prodding, and turns her face away. The tech switches to 2D, and we get to see the very best bit – she is kicking about, and we catch her sucking her toes! We even see her pushing her foot outwards, and then kicking herself in the head with it multiple times. Lol. The tech says he had never seen that before. Clearly she’s having a blast in there!

After having a laugh about that, we receive a usb stick with images and video of her, and that’s it, we’re sent back on our way.  

So was it worth it to pay for it? I’m not sure. It was lovely to get to see her, but I’m willing to admit it wasn’t necessary in any way and I don’t know if I would ever do it again.  

Still though. Soooo cute! *g*

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