After spending the night in a terrible hostel and getting up ridiculously early for our anaesthesiology appointment, we’re off to the ABC clinic in Harley Street. We have a ‘treatment appointment’, which means we’re getting all the details sorted out for the IVF cycle to come.

It’s much busier this time than last time we were there. Jo and I sit in-between three other couples, the eight of us filling up the small waiting room.

I can’t help but notice that they’re all straight couples. The women meet our eyes and smile quickly.  Their husbands generally look a lot shiftier sitting there, which strikes me as funny. We all know why we’re here, don’t we? I mentally wish them luck with their various scans and baby plans. I hope we’re all lucky…

Despite the crowd, we are seen with only a twenty minute delay, by the same people we saw last time.


It’s already a relief to see the nurse again and to know for sure that she’s familiar with us and my medical details. She’s friendly and informative as she takes us through it all again. Some of this we have heard multiple times by now – how to inject myself, how the surgery will go. I don’t mind hearing it again though.

After seeing her we have a talk with their clinic manager, and Jo takes out her credit card and pays the chunk of money this whole deal will cost. That’s it, no way back now!

Once all of that is sorted we’re on to the last medical thing of the day, another doctor’s office where we both need to have a blood draw done. (Yes, both of us. I’m still weirded out by the idea that they need to know so much about Jo’s health when her body won’t be involved in this endeavour at all).

At least they’re quick there. We are both seen in a matter of minutes, they draw my blood with impressive technique (I have terrible veins), and we’re off, matching plasters in the crooks of our arms.

It only sinks in slowly when we walk out: this was it for preparation. We’re all done. We’ve been tested and informed, we’ve signed everything, and we’ve paid them. There’s nothing left to do but some baby-making!

Next time we’re in London, it’s for the IVF itself.

Time to count down the days!




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