Baby Sunshine – that should be this embryo’s name. It’s only February, but the moment we had our embryo transfer, the weather turned glorious.

It was a bright morning when Jo and I tested at home for the very first time, standing in the sunny bathroom, taking shaky breaths as two lines appeared on the test almost immediately.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, people sitting outside on the terraces, when I nervously walked to the doctors to get my blood drawn. And it was brilliant day when I received the cheery text from the doctor telling me officially and it became real.


Only four weeks and two days along today, which is of course incredibly early. So much can go wrong still, and it very well might, but I want to enjoy this. I want to treasure every moment of this pregnancy, this dream, for however long we might have it.

We already love you, little Sunshine. Please grow and stay with us.


your mums xx

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