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First looks and fears

(Trigger warning: worry about a potential miscarriage) At five weeks pregnant, I start cramping very badly. I know what cramps in pregnancy feel like, I know the pulling and stretching sensations, I have felt it plenty when I was pregnant with Freya. I have never felt this though. It lasts for a few hours, then […]

The wait, the moon, and the YES

We transferred two embryos on a Wednesday. That Saturday, Jo, Freya, and I share a brioche and I pull a face and say ‘ugh, I can taste the egg wash on this!’. The next day I feel unmistakable implantation cramping in one specific spot.  I refuse to walk into a restaurant because ‘it smells wrong’. […]

Goodbye to Ice Ice Baby

We waited and waited through almost two years of Covid before we could make it back to the UK. But then when we did! The stars aligned and we managed to do a frozen embryo transfer, transferring an embryo we nicknamed ‘Ice Ice Baby’. After the transfer I was planning to go to see a […]