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Freya’s second birthday

Right after our embryo transfer, Freya turns two years old. We’re still in London so that Freya can spend her birthday with her grandparents, and this is where our previously stressful trip turns much more enjoyable. Freya, despite having only memories of seeing them through a laptop screen, instantly ADORES her grandparents. She’s so happy […]

A London embryo transfer

It’s perfect timing. My period decides to come early for once and our clinic appointment is suddenly scheduled right before Freya’s birthday. That means we can combine going over to London for the frozen embryo transfer with celebrating Freya’s birthday there with her grandparents, who we hadn’t seen in person in nearly two years! It […]

The Wait

In order to have Freya, it took us two years from the moment where we first seriously discussed having a child, to actually holding a positive pregnancy test in our hands. Two years in which we first considered co-parenting with a gay man, then at home insemination, then researched and ‘auditioned’ at multiple clinics. Two […]