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Remembering My Pineapple Days

On the run-up to Freya’s first birthday, I’ve been nostalgic, thinking back to where we were a year ago. Mid-November 2019 I was heavily pregnant. I was eating a ridiculous amount of pineapple every day, in the hopes that it would make my labour start. (Spoiler: it didn’t) I was trying every known method and […]

42 weeks in, 42 weeks out

Today, Freya has been earthside for as long as she was ever growing inside of me. It already feels like a distant past that she was this heavy, warm and slippery thing I pulled to lay on top of my chest and we were suddenly catapulted into the deep terror of sleep deprived parenthood. Now […]

Standing still

If Freya ever asks me about our lives like this, in lockdown, I will have to tell her about the walking. I carry her on my chest in a wrap for hours a day, walking through the neighbourhood in ever-increasing circles. Then after the walks there are the afternoon naps, the next few hours slipping […]