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The non-bio mama and the birthing class

Seeing as how I’ve never wanted to be pregnant I hadn’t really expected to end up in a birthing class of all places. I’m nervous as I walk into the building with Nele at my side. It’s a yoga studio, five blue mats for five expectant couples are laid out on the floor. No chairs […]

9 Amazing LGBTQ+ Friendly Baby Memory Books

If you’re a new parent, or just got your #BFP like us, then you might be thinking about LGBTQ+ friendly baby memory books to record all those important milestones that will soon be happening. I have a terrible memory! To save me any embarrassing moments in the future I need the perfect LGBTQ+ friendly baby […]

1k giveaway!

  It’s kind of strange to post extremely personal stories online for strangers to read. While Nele’s done most of the writing for this blog, it’s been me (Jo) that’s been posting on social media. I have to admit that I completely failed at Twitter – it felt a bit too much like shouting into […]