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The horrible gynaecologist

I have talked a lot about encounters with doctors and clinics on this blog. We have experienced everything from the mildly annoying to the truly bad, but never have we had something happen quite like this! So, buckle in, and meet a seriously horrible gynaecologist… Different from the last scan in the UZ, this was […]

A clumsy scan

Look at this adorable blob! It looks somewhat vaguely human? * laughs * Way back when we were looking into fertility treatments, we went to the UZ Gent hospital first. We weren’t impressed with their way of working, so we ended up going to London instead. Then, after our treatment in London, we contacted them […]

Ba-boom, ba-boom

I bend over to tie my shoes, and I am instantly out of breath. Black and white spots dance before my eyes, and my heart thumps dangerously heavy in my chest – oh yes, I’m pregnant. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet. We have received so many lovely messages, Jo has bought me flowers, my […]