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An announcement!

Baby Sunshine – that should be this embryo’s name. It’s only February, but the moment we had our embryo transfer, the weather turned glorious. It was a bright morning when Jo and I tested at home for the very first time, standing in the sunny bathroom, taking shaky breaths as two lines appeared on the […]


After the embryo transfer, there is about a ten day wait before a pregnancy test is likely to show anything. I don’t have a clue whether it worked or not. It’s hard not to be constantly on the lookout for potential symptoms. Every twitch, every feeling whatsoever suddenly gains a possible significance. After a few […]

Operation snowflake: The frozen embryo transfer

It’s a beautiful morning in London. It startlingly feels like spring even though it’s only February. We slowly make our way towards St. Paul’s cathedral. I promised my grandmother we would go in, so we do, and I even think a little prayer. Neither Jo or myself are religious at all, but on a day […]