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Acupuncture – my disappointing pincushion experience

  As soon as I walk into the acupuncturist office, the whole vibe is different from what I had expected it to be. Somehow I had imagined a nice curl of incense, an ohmmm-track playing in the background, decorative pillows on the ground, and a Buddha or two. I mean, this is an alternative treatment, […]

Shiny DNA news

  We have filled out a lengthy questionnaire, sat through forced counselling, had multiple vials of my blood taken for a full HFEA approved chromosome screening, and then waited for a few long weeks. But now we know that…. Related postsBaby-making speed datingSkype therapy – the return of the ‘male influence’ questionThe mail order loophole1k […]

The tale of the thyroid

  I am ALWAYS cold. It’s not unusual for me to wear a fleece in tropical temperatures, and even when walking in bright sunshine at thirty plus degrees my body is cool to the touch. I have long known that this is perhaps not exactly normal… But I just assumed it was one of my […]

Lister London rain

  It’s raining. The west London pavement is strewn with dirty leaves, and Jo and I huddle under our hastily bought umbrella and hop-skip our way over flooded gutters and large puddles. By the time we make it to the Lister clinic it’s with sodden shoes. It isn’t exactly the most graceful way to arrive […]