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Hitting walls and scaling fortresses

  We settled on finding a clinic in London, and we now know my egg supply is excellent. I feel so pleased it’s actually going somewhere and we have a plan! After reading through tons of information, reviews, and clicking on so many price lists my eyes go funny, I narrow it down to three […]

Eggs in my basket

  I am in the sickeningly green-and-white doctor’s office in Ghent, reading him a list of what I need to be tested for – various STD’s, Rubella, thyroid levels, hormone levels. As always with these types of appointments, I feel as if I need to be prepared for a fight. I remind myself that I […]

The clinic search

  “Maybe we should go to Copenhagen.” I lean over the table and look at Jo, my eyes burning after a night of heavy research on the internet. “…Or Norway. But then they have that Barnrett law, so that’ll cost us.” “Hm.” Jo nods calmly while she eats her lunch. She has known me for […]

Pregnancy chances over time

  After looking it up online, the internet tells me that if we were to go ahead and get sperm delivered to our doorstep, we have about a 15% chance of success per try with at home insemination. That doesn’t seem like that much. Jo and I only have a limited amount of money we […]

The mail order loophole

  Sperm banks can mail their wares in the post to almost anywhere in the world. After our stressful hospital audition we’re ready to think outside the box here, so an option we had dismissed before is suddenly looking appealing again. Why not just do it at home? Related postsBaby-making speed datingOperation snowflake: The frozen […]