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Shiny DNA news

  We have filled out a lengthy questionnaire, sat through forced counselling, had multiple vials of my blood taken for a full HFEA approved chromosome screening, and then waited for a few long weeks. But now we know that…. Related postsBye-bye second trimesterBaby baking update – Full termThe Bourn Hall dilemmaBump-shaming

Skype therapy – the return of the ‘male influence’ question

  Jo and I sit side by side on a small twin bed in a London university dorm and listen to the familiar Skype tune starting up. We’re in uni halls because they’re cheap accommodation in London in summer, and considering our Bourn Hall clinic visit has already cost us so much, we’re travelling low-budget […]

The Bourn Hall dilemma

  We’re on the train, slowly moving out of London. The more green I see speeding past the train window, the more nervous I get. Historically I do not do well with hospitals. Or with small towns. Or with quaint little railway stations like this one. All of this is pushing a multitude of buttons […]