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We send an email, and he answers. Over the next few hesitant back-and-forths, it becomes clear that I managed to find someone in that disaster of a baby-making speed date that is actually kind, realistic, and funny. I agree to meet him again in person in December. We sit across from each other and talk […]

Baby-making speed dating

  It’s November 2017, and I am about to do one of the strangest things of my life: I’m going on a baby-daddy speed date. I signed up as soon as I heard about this event from Meerdangewenst (a Dutch organisation connecting queer people interested in co-parenting). But somehow that all seemed a lot more […]

Every story begins somewhere

  It’s June 2017. Jo and I are travelling from Faro to Seville. We’ve just reached our one year anniversary of being a couple, preceded by four-and-a-half years of being in various degrees of love with each other. Through some miracle we have managed years of long distance friendship and travel, and then, finally, a […]