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Operation snowflake: The frozen embryo transfer

It’s a beautiful morning in London. It startlingly feels like spring even though it’s only February. We slowly make our way towards St. Paul’s cathedral. I promised my grandmother we would go in, so we do, and I even think a little prayer. Neither Jo or myself are religious at all, but on a day […]

FET treatment consultation

We decided to continue with our London clinic, so it’s off to London to visit the ABC IVF clinic once again. It’s such familiar territory by now. We greet the staff as we come in, take a seat in the waiting room, help ourselves to some water from the cooler, make toilet trips (still scarred […]

The frozen embryo Olympics

It’s the last morning in our London hotel. We have to check out in an hour, our bags are mostly packed, but first we’re waiting for a call. Our ten fertilised eggs have had several days to grow by now, and we’ll know how they’ve been getting on. I am nervous. These little zygotes-growing-into-embryos are […]