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I quite fancied having a Halloween baby. I imagined her as a new-born pink little thing lying inside a pumpkin for pictures. And oh, the skeleton onesies, the baby zombie costumes! The fabulous birthday parties we could throw her later on, both Jo and I also dressing up, the fake blood and spiders and weird […]

The pregnant-in-public rant

I am ten days away from my due date and I am in Ghent, standing upright in the turning bit of the tram. I’m holding on to the rails for dear life as the floor shifts beneath me. There is a middle-aged couple sitting down on the seats next to me, happily chatting. A group […]

Baby baking update – Full term

A pregnancy is considered full term between 37 and 42 weeks, and that’s me now, baby Sunshine would be absolutely fine if she was born right this second. It’s like the brownies in the oven have started smelling like delicious chocolate, and we have to expect the ‘ding!’ from the oven timer any time now. […]