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A change of plan

I don’t feel any better. There are some hours, usually in the afternoon or early evening, where I can actually eat something and it all seems less severe. And then the pounding headaches of the evening come back. Mornings are the worst, where I am shaky and nauseous. My body is responding too strongly to […]

The fanatical follicles

  I don’t do so well. After my first scan at ABC, the next few days are a haze of throbbing headaches and bouts of nausea. My legs feel shaky, I can’t eat, my stomach is bloated. I knew this would get difficult and I was prepared to feel sick at a certain point, but […]

Stress and needles

After some casual medication smuggling, things finally got going for real at home. I started prenatal vitamins. I had my very last drink. I used inhalers to start preparing my lungs for surgery. I took Provera pills with hormones twice a day for a week, there was an excruciating wait where my period was supposed […]