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The great sperm donor choosing – the decision

  It comes down to two donors. Two potential fathers for our – at this point entirely imaginary – child. It makes me feel as if I am choosing between two possible children. One with that glint in their eye, one with the nice smile. They’ll be so very different, how are we meant to […]

Easy as ABC

  We struggled with Bourn Hall fertility clinic the first time we went there, and we continued to struggle with them for months after. They sent us the wrong bills. They refused to quote us a total cost for the treatment there. They didn’t respond to emails. They seemed scattered, uninformative, uninterested, and 100% out […]

The great sperm donor choosing – round 1

  We’re in Barcelona. We have always loved this city, so it seems only logical that it would be here, on our same turquoise sofa where we first said that we loved each other… that we are sitting now, selecting sperm donors. Oh, what changes in a few years! Related postsThe mail order loopholeThe Bourn […]