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The mail order loophole

  Sperm banks can mail their wares in the post to almost anywhere in the world. After our stressful hospital audition we’re ready to think outside the box here, so an option we had dismissed before is suddenly looking appealing again. Why not just do it at home? Related postsAcupuncture – my disappointing pincushion experienceEgg […]

The hospital audition

  It’s June 15th 2018, and we have an appointment with the UZ Gent reproductive team. We make it on time and sign in. It’s a warm day, and Jo eats her lunch while sitting on a wall just outside the hospital while I twitchily play with my phone. I hate hospitals. Every fibre in […]


  We send an email, and he answers. Over the next few hesitant back-and-forths, it becomes clear that I managed to find someone in that disaster of a baby-making speed date that is actually kind, realistic, and funny. I agree to meet him again in person in December. We sit across from each other and […]