It’s a new year and we are gearing up to start all over again!

We have made some changes. Back in 2018 we were so enthusiastic when we first found abc ivf, and we went through an IVF cycle and a transfer that became Freya with them. But now we haven’t been too happy. In the years in between they have become immensely popular, growing from one small clinic to a massive network of them. Their admin side clearly hasn’t caught up, and they seemed overwhelmed, not answering emails for weeks at a time, not relaying important information, making a zoom appointment with us and then not being there…

We did go ahead with the embryo transfer back in November as we felt that it was best to give them a chance, and to their credit it did get all sorted in the end as well, but it didn’t leave us feeling super confident. And when we asked for other options they themselves referred us to Create, their ‘mother’ clinic. So now we have changed clinics!

Overall though it’s a good thing that this is my fourth (!) time on the hormone merry-go-round by now, and that I know when to take what and how to schedule everything myself, as Create obviously do have their problems as well. I don’t know how much of this is Covid, people working from home and not communicating, but information has been slow to get back to us, sometimes getting lost altogether. They don’t seem quite as disorganised as abc ivf, luckily, but it’s close.

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