We decided to continue with our London clinic, so it’s off to London to visit the ABC IVF clinic once again.

It’s such familiar territory by now. We greet the staff as we come in, take a seat in the waiting room, help ourselves to some water from the cooler, make toilet trips (still scarred by the ‘have you emptied your bladder’ shouting, I now visit the bathroom immediately on arrival!).

We don’t have to wait long and get to see “our” consultant again as well, which is nice.

Happy New Year’s are exchanged, we talk about how I have been feeling this past month, and then it’s scan time.

It barely fazes me anymore to undress and go lie down on the little bench. Mainly I am glad to get the scan and to find out what is happening with my body. Legs up in the stirrups and off we go!

My ovaries look a lot smaller than they were during the IVF cycle in December. Even I can tell on the scan that they’re back to normal.

There’s a single follicle growing this cycle, which makes me a little sad for this guy – so sorry darling, you missed the boat, no babies shall be made right this second, we already have eight in the freezer!

I have no cysts, it all looks good, which is a huge relief.

When I am dressed again we get a schedule with the next dates. I need to take medication for a week, have a period, take oestrogen, come back for another scan ten days after that, and if that is good again then a week later one of our embryos will be defrosted and placed back.

We are sent home with several (much smaller) boxes of medication this time. It’s going to feel like a long wait again, but at least we have a plan!

We also indulge ourselves and buy our very first things for a baby…

It’s good to have hope, right? <3

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