At exactly sixteen weeks and two days pregnant, I felt baby Sunshine moving!

I had been trying to feel something for weeks already, usually when lying in bed at night, pressing my hand this way and that, trying to feel the slightest of sensations. A few times in the last couple of weeks I felt like there was something, a buzz or tickle or a soft little shift under my skin. But it was so small that it might as well be imagined, and I just couldn’t be sure. 

Until now! I was in the bath, holding a hand on my belly, when I felt the fluttering feeling in one particular spot. I kept my hand there, and it came back, I felt it again. And again. For a good fifteen minutes I could feel the baby move every few seconds.

It’s different from what I imagined, there is no discernible kicking yet at this point, it’s like a fish swimming up to the edge of a pool. Like gently moving some popcorn from one hand to the next. Small, barely perceptible taps. It’s like the tiniest elf is writing in Morse code on the inside of my skin. I wonder what she’s saying.

I felt surprisingly emotional feeling it. Someone is alive in there!

Exactly three days later, Jo was sitting on the sofa next to me and I was able to place her hand in exactly the right spot, and she felt it too! We’re getting you loud and clear baby! *g*

Along with the movement, I have been enjoying the second trimester immeasurably more than the first one. I am definitely in that good, fun part of pregnancy they tell you about!

I still tire more easily than before, and standing or walking for a long time makes the underside of my belly ache. But other than that I feel perfectly fine, not even a hint of nausea is left. (To everyone going through that right now: it does end. Eventually, it does go away. Trust me, you will feel human again.)

At four months pregnant I have finally reached the weight again I had when I got pregnant in the first place. That means I’m still well below the curve in terms of what I have to gain, but I can eat just fine – also cake and chocolate and Ben & Jerry’s – and my belly is growing enthusiastically week by week, so I’m sure I will gain all the weight I need to now.

I definitely look pregnant! When I inform people at this point, they often reply with ‘yes, I can tell!’ *g*

I love the bump though, it makes it all feel real. It doesn’t slow me down too much yet, but it’s a reminder there is a happily growing baby in there.

One that’s moving now too. Brilliant! <3

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