None of these links are sponsored. I was just thinking about all the small things that have made pregnancy just a little better for me in these last seven months *g*

In order of how far along you are:

-Apps, all the apps!

I started using them at the very beginning of being pregnant, and it was a really cute way to know that at least something is happening. The baby is the size of a grain you say? Or a blueberry? Every week I get a notification, and I relish it every time. Comparing baby to food stuffs, little details about that week’s development, it’s a way to be more involved that doesn’t take a lot of time, and is guaranteed to get an ‘aaw’ from us every Sunday. I have both Pregnancy Week By Week and Pregnancy + on my phone, but there are loads more out there.

-A baby memory book.

We did a big post about LGBTQ-friendly ones. Usually they start at the beginning of pregnancy, so get one early to start filling out those memories while you still remember them!

-Over the bump undies.

I had a noticeable bump quite early on, and just as early it became apparent that my regular underwear wasn’t up to the job. The elastic would dig into my belly and it was just hugely uncomfortable. So I went on a search for cute pregnancy underwear, but I was disappointed. Either you wear a lacy string of some kind (pretty, but let’s be honest, we’re after practical and comfortable here) or what most people recommended was ‘just buy something cheap in several sizes up’. Um… no. Half a year is way too long to wear something ill-fitting every day! I first bought a red one by Cache Coeur. these were not cheap, but at least in a colour and a cute design. They’re my favourite pair to wear now, especially under a stretchy dress, it really keeps the shape well, and it supports the bump in a lovely way. If I was rich I’d buy a load of these! A slightly cheaper alternative for every day that’s still comfy are these by H&M. I have 6 pairs of them and they’re my daily wardrobe. They’re cotton, so it feels nice against the skin, and high enough to cover the whole bump.


I read quite a few pregnancy books in the beginning, you know, the usual ‘what to expect’ sort of things, and I found them to be mostly rubbish! I rarely saw anything of myself or my own pregnancy in there, plus they tend to be horribly heteronormative in talking about mum and dad all the time, and oftentimes entirely ignore IVF and everything that has to do with ‘non-ideal’ conception, which annoyed me too. But I have read, “Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?” I got it as a loan from a friend and I think is brilliant. It’s basically pregnancy Mythbusters, both fun and scientific.  

-A pregnancy pillow.

Yes, I am talking about one of those huge sausage-like things that fill up half your bed. I got one of these when I was around 12 weeks pregnant. I felt a bit sheepish trying it out, surely I wasn’t quite that pregnant yet, so it wouldn’t… Yeah, I slept with it for one night and I have desperately loved it since. Pure comfort! I honestly believe this is why I have had little trouble with my back and hips so far too. I don’t know which brand I have, but this is the design I’d be looking for if I ever need another.

-Channel Mum.

I only discovered their week by week Youtube pregnancy videos halfway through this pregnancy but I wish I would have had them earlier. It’s fun to watch every week and see what they say about the week you are on, as well as compare bumps with the other ladies there. It’s another way to connect with your pregnancy weekly and celebrate being another week further, and it only takes a few minutes.  

-Stretch mark oil.

I had been haphazardly smearing some body lotion over my belly from the beginning whenever I could bother to remember it, but I wasn’t very disciplined with it. Then around week 20 my skin started itching, I read that that’s the beginning of stretch marks, and I decided to get serious about trying to prevent them. From online reviews Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil seemed best, so I decided to give it a go. It smells amazing! I always feel like I’m at a spa when I use it. And I do use it religiously now, twice a day on my belly, hips, and breasts. I’m happy to report than the itching went away, my skin feels lovely and soft, and so far at week 32 (fingers crossed) I have not spotted a single stretch mark! So it seems to be doing a brilliant job. With constant use like this it does go quick, I go through a bottle a month. But it’s very much worth it in my opinion, give that poor skin a break!

-An online hypnobirthing course.

I only started this recently because I was hesitant to spend money on it, it’s all flaky videos of someone telling you to breathe, right? But I caved when The Positive Birth Company had a sale on and I have to say it has been SO MUCH MORE USEFUL and informative than the real-life classes we have been taking were. There are in depth explanations of everything, including a science bit, making sure you are informed about what happens in your body during labour. Unlike the classes we took, this really involves your birth partner as well. And yes, there are breathing exercises, but there’s actually a good reason behind why to do them and how they influence your muscles. I genuinely feel more knowledgeable and confident about birth because of it, so yes, highly impressed!

What would you recommend to make pregnancy just that little bit nicer? Let me know!

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  1. Emmy
    Emmy says:

    Saving this post so I can come back to it! ? I’ve been sleeping with my sisters pregnancy pillow since I had a herniated disc in my back last year and I really could not do without. ☺️


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