We have filled out a lengthy questionnaire, sat through forced counselling, had multiple vials of my blood taken for a full HFEA approved chromosome screening, and then waited for a few long weeks.

But now we know that….


I have 46 XX chromosomes. (According to the lab result paperwork that means that I am ‘an apparently normal female’ – got to appreciate that!)

There were 139 gene mutations screened for… and I don’t have any of them.

Hurray! I am mutation-free!

So it’s great news, I think almost especially for Jo, who had no desire to go through any of this and who was the back-up egg supply in case my DNA was somehow faulty.

There still is the DNA test from the UZ Gent that I had done five and a half months ago and don’t have the results from yet (yes, I have called them…), but I believe this one was more detailed so it likely doesn’t matter.

So does this result mean I can share my eggs?  We have more or less gotten a ‘yes’ from Bourn Hall on that. But at the same time they have been extremely unforthcoming with any information, and we’re very frustrated with them in terms of communication and the financial side of things. So at this point we’re not sure that we are going to go with them at all.

Either way though, it’s good news to have this roadblock out of the way.

To be continued!



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