Normally our IVF clinic works with a delivery company that delivers the medication for IVF to your home. However, they won’t deliver internationally, so we requested that we’d get the medication through our clinic at the last visit. Which seemed like a brilliant plan! …Until after our treatment appointment we’re handed a plastic shopping bag full of needles and vials.

It’s at that moment that I fully realise that this isn’t going to be a modest little bit of medication; this is a cartload of it.

And I need to take it with me back to Belgium through Eurostar security.


It’s crowded at St. Pancras station.

I asked the clinic to write me a letter saying why I have the medication on me so I can show it to the security personnel, but still I am a bit nervous. What if they stop me?

I tell myself I can’t be the first person ever to travel with a large amount of drugs for perfectly legal reasons. I have a letter. I have a letter!

It’s so busy that there is no one to talk to at the scanning machine like I had planned, so I simply put my bag into the line for the scanner along with my coat, and walk through. I figure they’ll stop me and take me aside after they’ve seen my luggage, at which point I can explain.

I eye my luggage as it gets closer to the scanner and then disappears inside, vaguely convinced I’m about to be tackled to the ground. So I stand there, trying to look as approachable as possible. Yes sir, I am aware, let me just show you my paperwork…

My luggage pops out of the scanner and makes its way towards me. I hesitantly pick it up, but no one stops me. I take my time putting my coat on just in case, but since I’m not stopped I go on to passport control.

Apparently, me and my huge bag of hormones didn’t set off any alarms.

Passport control is easy, and that’s it, I can walk onto the train and go home – with an assortment of vials and needles in my hand luggage.

Whooo, Breaking Bad, baby!

(Okay, for very legit fertility reasons, but still!!)




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