Freya was quite a late walker, she took her first steps at sixteen-and-a-half months. So she has been running around our house for only a few months now but it already feels like a distant memory that once upon a time she wasn’t everywhere at once. We must have been so well rested then… Ha!

She’s wonderfully sweet, but she’s also a cheeky little monkey who loves trouble.

When she’s verrryyy quiet, that’s when something is going down! She might be head-first into rooting through the kitchen bin, or attempting to deconstruct one of my orchids, or trying to poke the cat awake, or stripping off her nappy, or stealing knives off the kitchen counter and then running around with them while giggling madly like a happy ninja about to take out your kneecaps.

She loves her shoes. Her rainsuit. Tea, cheese, beans, and BANANAS.

She will take our hand, and gently, encouragingly, guide us towards the toilet while motioning to sit down, then hand us toilet paper and try to flush. She’s like the world’s tiniest and most thoughtful toilet attendant. Unless you close the door in search of some precious privacy of course, in which case she will screech in outrage that she’s been denied entrance.

She refuses to listen to ‘Freya’ and instead insists on being called ‘baby’.

She loves to walk by herself, but she’s endlessly slow because everything needs to be investigated: from the cracks in the pavement, to the dirty grass by the side of the road, to the base of a traffic light, to a little heap of bird poo.

She always wants to know where everyone is, what we’re going to do, and what things are. She’s just at the point where she can put two words together, so she’ll let you know that she wants these things mainly by pointing and shouting. It’s wonderful to see her want to learn so much, but it can be exhausting!

Toddlerhood has definitely been another ‘level up’ moment for us in motherhood. All of a sudden we’ve had to learn how to deal with meltdowns, how to explain things in a way that she can understand, and how to navigate danger with her, keeping her close when needed, letting her go when appropriate. It can be hard and sometimes we get it wrong, but we are learning every day right alongside with her.

So yay for toddlerhood and all the high highs and low lows that come with it – ten years from now when puberty comes calling we might remember this as a breeze! For now we’re enjoying life with our little tornado, challenging bits and all *g*  

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    • Nele
      Nele says:

      I always mean to update more but by the time our little miss is in bed in the evenings I just want to zone out! I will try to write more often though *g* And thank you! <3


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