We risked taking the Eurostar to London for a long weekend at 36 weeks pregnant, one last trip as ‘just the two of us’. London is where we started this pregnancy, it seemed fitting to go one more time with my belly full of baby kicks and turns and hiccups, and to say a small thank you to the city that has brought us so much.

As my due date is looming ever closer we did consider the chance that I might go into labour while we were there, but we got the okay from our midwives  to travel, and I really don’t feel as if it’s going to happen any time soon. It certainly would have been an admin nightmare to give birth there but we took the chance, and no babies were had *g*

One of the things I really wanted to do was get some nice pictures of us by St. Paul’s, where baby Sunshine’s brothers and sisters are little frozen blastocysts right now, and where so much has happened. We booked an amateur photographer for an hour to do this for us. We have yet to see the results but honestly I’m not holding out much hope as she seemed more eager to chat endlessly than to take pictures…

Another thing that was definitely on the list for a babymoon was to have a massage. Jo and I both love them, but outside of Asia it’s not the cheapest of treats so it’s rare for us to get one. We went to a place with good reviews, Jo thought hers was good, mine was a bit rubbish because the massage therapist refused to touch anything with possible pressure points that could start labour, so she skipped my feet, lower legs, lower back, shoulders, face, chest, and belly. All of those I would have enjoyed a massage on!

Despite those bits being disappointing, we did enjoy just being there, the atmosphere, the excitement, the food! I adore London <3

We also had a session with a hypnobirthing teacher, in part to finalise our plans around birth, and also because I still carry a lot of fear of what would happen if I would end up in hospital. I do think it was super helpful, it worked to remind us of all the tools that we already have. She also made me a powerful aromatherapy blend with clary sage for when I want to go into labour. I’m not allowed to smell it just yet, but we’re keeping it as a secret weapon in case I go overdue ;)

Us being us of course we did loads more, we saw two plays and a film, plus tons of walking around London resulting in my ankles being elephant-sized by the end of every day, but I have no regrets. It was a lovely way to have one last trip together as a two-some, before we are catapulted into being three, a family.

I still don’t feel ready, and I know Jo doesn’t either. But step by step we are getting there, settling into the idea of this baby, of birth, and of letting go.

See you in a few weeks baby Sunshine!

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