We have a secret to share *g*

Along with the NIPT test there was an option to check the chromosomes for the baby’s sex, and we chose to find out!

If we are to believe the old wives tales – I was very sick in the beginning, so that means a girl. We swayed a pendula over my belly, and it went back and forth, that means boy. I am mainly liking sweet things, that’s meant to be a girl. But my skin has been clear this whole pregnancy, so that’s a boy. One of those is probably right ;)

We waited two long weeks for the result, and then…

It was a Sunday evening, we’d just come home from a trip to Paris, and just like that the results were finally online. We clicked on the medical part first. No Down’s syndrome was found. No other genetic abnormalities either. We have a completely healthy little one in there! It was a huge relief, making both of us smile.

And then there was another result. We took a deep breath, and clicked it.

“Your child’s sex is: female

A girl! A healthy girl!

We were grinning from ear to ear.

We’ve had a while to get used to it by now, but it’s still making me smile every time I think of it :)

And yes, we know, biological sex doesn’t mean everything. Maybe our baby Sunshine will be the pinkest prettiest princess ever, or she will be more of a tomboy, or a scary goth girl. Or maybe this child will be more comfortable with ‘they’, or he’ll grow to be a lanky boy, or a tough muscly dude, or someone completely different still – we will be proud parents no matter what. It’s up to baby Sunshine, this is her life to live, and her story to write!

We are just so very happy that we will get to see her do it <3

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