I am officially in the third trimester – already!

The middle part of this pregnancy has flown by, probably because it has been very good to me. After the sheer misery of the first three months, it was a deep relief to be able to eat again and have no nausea. To get up out of bed without dizziness. To just live, and not feel ill and miserable every second of every day. I have been SO lucky to feel better.

This has also been the time we got to know baby a lot more, we found out it’s a healthy girl, and there was the awesome fun of getting to feel her move for the first time as well. It’s something that still gives me so much security and joy – it’s hard to worry about her when she’s kicking the hell out of my stomach!

On the physical side, this has been a lot more doable as well. If I walk too much or stand for a long time the underside of my belly starts aching, and I’ll occasionally have a bit of round ligament pain in my hips, but that’s it. Really I would never have believed this when I was a wreck at seven weeks along, but now at twenty-seven weeks there are times where I can forget entirely that I’m pregnant at all!

I have yet to get a single stretch mark, even though I have gained plenty of weight. I’m almost disappointed to say that I don’t have any weird cravings to report. I am disliking some foods I used to enjoy (coffee, crisps) and deeply loving some others (hummus, chocolate, ICE CREAM – I could eat a pint of ice cream every single day) But no weird pickles and cake sort of combinations for me so far.

I know it’ll get a lot harder from here on out, the heavier my belly becomes the more strain it’ll put on my back and hips and the more difficult it’ll get. But my body has done an admirable job so far, I never knew I would get this far feeling this good, and I’m grateful for that.

To be honest, the hardest part of this trimester by far has been entirely mentally for me. I have felt very lonely and disappointed in people. Pregnancy isn’t an automatic pink cloud, even if things are going well on the physical side.

But our baby is perfectly fine and healthy, and knowing that as well as feeling her kick so often means that I’m feeling pretty confident in this pregnancy business at this point. We have a home birth plan in place, alongside an impressive list of things to buy and do still, but we’ve got this! Now it’s down to the last stretch, and preparing for real, to gently opening our hearts and minds for the arrival of a real-life baby Sunshine in autumn.

She’s going to be there before we know it, isn’t she? <3

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