I am sharing these pictures mainly because they make me laugh – to hell with the nicely posed serene maternity portraits, here’s reality in all its unfiltered glory. ;)

Yes, I am resembling a planet these days. When I lie down in the bath I feel a bit like a turtle that’s flipped over and can’t get up again without some embarrassing wobble-like manoeuvre. But the bit you can’t see here is that baby Sunshine absolutely LOVES baths.

It was where I felt her move for the first time and where she has consistently been the most active. That shy little flutter has grown into ginormous kicks, and these days my belly is stretched from left to right as various limbs stretch and twist under my skin. I imagine she’s attempting a swim in there, trying on a crawl or a butterfly stroke, wanting me to notice.

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Jo and I went to a baby carrying workshop last week. We practised with different sorts of wraps and carriers with weighted dolls – floppy, heavy plastic things that feel nothing like a real baby. But there were people there with actual newborns, and I couldn’t help but stare at these pink, scrunchy-faced little humans. Do I really have one of those inside of me right now?

It feels like an odd dream to me at this point, like it can’t possibly be true.

At the 32 week scan we found out our little baby Sunshine is not that little any more, she was already weighing in at 2040grams that day, so she’s probably heavier by now. She even has hair already! The gynaecologist checked the placenta and all the related veins (because I have an abnormal umbilical cord attachment) but we got the all okay for a home birth. So if I don’t go overdue, I will not see a gynaecologist again. It makes me feel a little weird. Are you sure there aren’t more checks to do? Do you genuinely believe I’m qualified to go off and birth a whole human being in the near future? What???

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None of these links are sponsored. I was just thinking about all the small things that have made pregnancy just a little better for me in these last seven months *g*

In order of how far along you are:

-Apps, all the apps!

I started using them at the very beginning of being pregnant, and it was a really cute way to know that at least something is happening. The baby is the size of a grain you say? Or a blueberry? Every week I get a notification, and I relish it every time. Comparing baby to food stuffs, little details about that week’s development, it’s a way to be more involved that doesn’t take a lot of time, and is guaranteed to get an ‘aaw’ from us every Sunday. I have both Pregnancy Week By Week and Pregnancy + on my phone, but there are loads more out there.

-A baby memory book.

We did a big post about LGBTQ-friendly ones. Usually they start at the beginning of pregnancy, so get one early to start filling out those memories while you still remember them!

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“Wow, you look huge!” “Well, you’ve packed on weight!” “Every time I see you you’ve gained some more!”

….Suddenly some people have started to comment loudly, extensively, and continuously on my body. Even after I say that I don’t appreciate it. Even after I politely ask them to please stop it with the comments. I’ve had them continue on to argue with me, “No but it’s true, you’ve really gained weight, I can see it!”

*look of evil*  Of course you can bloody see it, there’s an entire human being growing inside of me!

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In Belgium only a few scans are considered medically necessary during pregnancy. If you want any more peeks at your baby or if you would ever like to see anything in 3D, you have to arrange it outside of a hospital and pay for it yourself. We weren’t sure whether it was worth it to do that. Jo feels 3D scans are sort of creepy-looking, but I was a sucker for the idea of getting to see at least something of baby Sunshine’s face, so we gave in and booked one *g*

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